How can Clean Fangs help your Rescue?

Clean Fangs is dedicated not only to optimizing pets' health through dental cleaning, but also to help them get adopted!

Our first offer is to come into your facility and do a "Dental Report card" on each of the dogs available for adoption, completely FREE OF CHARGE (a $25.00 value per dog). This report card then goes into the pet's file and goes home with the pet.

As a thank you for adopting a pet from your facility they receive $50 off their first dental cleaning! That makes it around $100* for a non-anesthetic cleaning rather than nearly $600 on average for a anesthetic cleaning. 

For your harder to adopt senior pets, we offer an in-shelter $75.00* dental. That is 1/2 off as long as the dental is done while still in your care. 

If we set up a monthly dental cleaning clinic at your location, for each 5 dogs we do for clients, we will do a shelter pet for FREE! So if we schedule 15 dogs at your facility, you will get 3 dogs done for FREE*. We also do 1 employee dog/10 client dogs.

This is a win-win-win for everyone! 

So many clean teeth! And senior dogs that will have nice fresh breath to help them get adopted!

So call and make a FREE, no-obligation assessment of your dogs' dental condition! 


*Price includes the cleaning only. Any antibiotics or anti-inflammatories would be additional