Want to host Clean fangs?

By hosting a Clean Fangs dental clinic, you can help your clients keep their pet's teeth clean and healthy and make a little money for yourself!

By hosting a clinic, we can either perform the clinic inside your facility or bring our van and perform the procedures in your parking lot.

Clinics usually run 1.5-3 hours with appointments every 20 minutes. Don't worry, we take care of scheduling/check-in/discharge/payments. 

For each successful procedure done, you earn $25.00 with a minimum of 5 clients booked per clinic. As such, you earn at least $125.00/ clinic.

For every clinic booked (with at least 5 procedures scheduled) you earn 1 employee dental cleaning for FREE! A true win-win-win!


So call and make a FREE, no-obligation assessment of your location to see if you can host a clinic!