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Years ago, Dr. Carolyn McCray (graduate of UCD 1990), realized that Dental Health was paramount to our pet's health. Good oral hygiene was essential to keeping the liver, kidneys and heart as healthy as they could be.

The only problems was the in Veterinary School the only dental health that was taught was anesthetic dentals. So to keep the body healthy you had to risk general anesthesia. It was a balancing act to consider the risk to the vital organs from dental disease and the risk of anesthesia.


Luckily we now have techniques that allow us to provide as thorough a cleaning of the teeth as an anesthetic cleaning without the risk! We use the exact same ultrasonic cleaner and polisher that your veterinarian uses in-clinic!

Through swaddling and other "fear-free" techniques the vast majority of our pets can have their routine tartar and gingivitis cleaned without having to undergo general anesthesia.

While some pets may not be a candidate for our services, (too high strung, too aggressive, or too sick) over 9 out of 10 pets can have their teeth cleaned by our service without anesthesia!

So call and make an appointment TODAY!